Artist Tara O’Connor joins Wailing Heights!

We’re very excited to announce that joining us for another musical monster origin is comic writer/artist Tara O’Connor.

Tara is the creator of Roots, (currently nominated Best Biographical Comic of 2015 by Comics Alliance) and the multi-award nominated In Your Wake, which you can read online at

We’re reaching spoiler territory with this character origin, so we’ll let this beautiful B&W preview of Tara’s Wailing Height’s artwork speak for itself.




Tara has a few cool projects of her own coming up, and the best way to follow their progress is via Tara’s Twitter.


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Wailing Heights ADVENTure Calender #1 – Ron Salas draws Lola!

December is upon and we’re ticking down… to our end-of-year production deadlines!

To celebrate the season Advent-Calender Style, we’re releasing new, daily previews of Wailing Heights! That’s right, EVERY DAY on our Twitter and Facebook feeds we’re showing a new snippet of art, script, song, and even new creator announcements!

We start off with an awesome piece of news that one of our favourite comic artists Ron Salas, is joining us to draw Maura’s McHugh’s Lola Origin!



As you can see from the preview above, Lola wasn’t always the modern, hipster vampire, with Ron and Maura reaching back to the 18th century to tell the soon-to-be classic story.

For more info on Ron, including a bibliography of his work for Marvel Comics, Dark Horse, DC Comics, and awesome renditions of comic classics such Batman and Superman, visit his website.


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Maura McHugh Tells a Tale of Lola

Maura Lola


Wailing heights is a popular village, with a host of supernatural settlers waiting to be possessed. To help flesh out our musical monsters, we enlisted the comicbook industries’ top talent to create our cast’s origin tales.

Telling the tale of Lola Vita, our Haemolatte loving, caffeine addicted, hipster vampire, is renowned author Maura McHugh.

Maura has this to say about working with Lola:




“I took my cue from the short description of Lola as a hipster vampire who loves coffee, and ran with it to create a cross-dressing woman who adores lively conversation in 18th century coffee houses in London. All in a few pages.  I’ve had my fill of angsty vampires recently so I went for a light tone and a short, fun read. I’m now terribly fond of Lola Vita.”





Maura’s credits include story & scripts for the Eagle Award and British Fantasy Award short-listed comicbook Jennifer Wilde (Atomic Diner), work on Mike Mignola’s Hellboy Spin-off; Witchfinder: The Mysteries of Unland (Dark Horse), and the author of the Twisted Fairy Tales and Twisted Myths (Barron’s Educational series).


Maura has created a wonderful origin for Lola, adding so much depth to the character that we’re biting at the bit for more! The 3-page tale is currently being drawn up by a soon-to-be revealed comic artist, and will be viewable in-game.




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Demo Deadline Day

We’ve been working towards a demo of Wailing Heights, and today is our self-imposed deadline (well, self-imposed in that it needs to be finished today, with final testing tomorrow if we want to show it at Q-con this weekend).

There have been some long days (stretching into nights, stretching into early mornings), but yesterday was a but of a milestone in having something that’s pretty playable.




In some ways the demo, which forms a chunk of story Act 1, is the hardest hurdle to leap, as we need most of the game mechanics functional. With the core engine and UI in place, we’ll be expanding on the demo with level artwork, character design. and animation. Some would call this milestone a ‘vertical slice’, I’d call it ‘something playable’, but in my experience, they tend to go hand-in-hand with game development.

I don’t think we’ll be putting this version of the demo online, as it’s got quite a few temporary assets, but we’ll Twitch out some live in-house testing later today on our TWITCH account.


The Possession Wheel UI Design

With Wailing Heights being a body-hopping musical adventure game, the dreaded task of UI design had to look interesting, display the mechanics clearly, and try to fit with the overall aesthetics of the game.

There’s always a lot of team back and forth, and eventual user testing, with user interface, and here are a few sketches we worked through to find something worth taking to the next stage.


We liked the musical notation and clef at the bottom right, but it didn’t leave a large enough space for the inventory icons to be placed (part of the body-hopping mechanic). Incorporating lyrics  is something we’re playing with (ignore the random text examples here), but we need to be careful not to have tiny or hard-to-read text on screen. Sentence structure can also play havoc with placement of text within shapes.

Here’s were we are now, taking the 3rd icon from the middle row in the concept stage.


It’s still all up in the air though, and we’ll be playing about with colour, shapes, and alternatives, so check back to see how the UI aesthetic changes through production.


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Art Preview: Hipster Vampires and The Crematery Exterior

The Crematery, Vampire Coffee Shop. The always-young Vampire hipsters like to drink a lot of coffee, and none make a HaemoLatte like the Crematery.

Pictured here is something close to the final art and colour scheme we’ll be using for this particular Wailing Heights’ environment. We posted a process video of the Back & White linework in a previous post). Settling on a palette we were happy with was a little tricky, and we’ll upload a narrative timelapse next week.


Crematery artist John McFarlane just loooooves (or should be is sooooo indifferent to) hipster dress style and had a lot of fun coming up with designs for the frequenters. Garlic print is, like, so ironic.




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Glenn Fabry Visits Wailing Heights

Exciting news!

Comicbook artist extraordinaire  Glenn Fabry, is providing concept designs for Wailing Heights!

Glenn, is famous for his Eisner award winning cover run on DC’ Comic’s Preacher and classic painted runs on 2000AD’s Judge Dredd and Sláinne, He is the first of a host of comic artists to be dragged into Wailing Heights, providing concept designs for the white-collar ghost characters of City Hall.


Wailing Heights’ character designs by Glenn Fabry
Pretty exciting to have such talent on board.

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