Wailing Heights launches on Steam and Humble Store



Wailing Heights has launched!

After a good year of development, and lots of late hours, Wailing Heights is live on Steam and the Humble Store.

You can get your hands on the game for $9.99 (£6.99) and we have an additional 10%  launch discount which runs until Tuesday 3rd May.

What are you waiting, go solve some musical puzzles!



Cy Dethan Tells a Tall Tail

As we’ve previously mentioned, a few of Wailing Heights‘ local residents get their own comic origins within the game, and we’ve reached out to comic writer Cy Dethan to tell one particular tail tale.

Cy had this to say:




“Wailing Heights was a real joy to write for, not least because I got to work on the backstory to lecherous lycanthrope Abnorm. I’ve met some incredibly passionate creators in comics. The drive and enthusiasm in the people I’ve worked with – from long-term collaborator Stephen Downey to incredibly talented new friend Ruairí Coleman – is endlessly inspiring to me.”





Cy’s has lent his sharp dialogue to established properties such as Starship Troopers, and is co-creator of many original comicbooks, including the indie hit, Cancertown. 

Cy has drafted a terrific tale for our womanising wolf, which is a joy to read. Check back on Thursday, where we’ll have a preview and introduction to the art team.

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The Aos Sí come to Welcome Heights

We are very happy to announce, that The Aos Sí have added Wailing Heights to their virtual touring schedule!


Aos Si




The Belfast-based band add a touch of ‘rotting green’ to their colourful sound, providing the jazzy, soulful music of Ada Z and the Zom Bs who perform nightly in Wailing Heights’ Soulless Saloon. 

James Downey, singer and songwriter for the band, also produces solo tracks for hipster vampire Fangs Farnsworth, and is providing sound design for the game.






We recently spent a day in the studio with the band, and the interview below provides a little insight into the musicians and their creative process as they perform as musical monsters.



We are Greenlit!

Well, that was fast!

After a shooting up the Greenlight charts and reaching the top 30, Wailing Heights was Greenlit after just 7 days!

Many thanks to everyone who voted, shared and posted articles.

A few of the highlights of the campaign includes featurse on Kotaku, SPO, Siliconera, Gamer Hell, OSV, Golden Cartridge and many more.

With a Steam release confirmed, we’ll have a release date announced very soon!

Fantasy author Steve Aryan fleshes out Wailing Heights

We stopped howling at the moon a long time ago. It’s not only rude and a public nuisance, there’s also a strong link between howling and public indecency, not to mention frostbite.”

As you traverse the streets and rooms of  Wailing Heights, you may find hidden prose publications that share insight into our modern monster world. To help flesh out Wailing Heights’ modern monster lore, we welcome fantasy author Stephen Ayran.

If you can find them hidden in dark corners, you’ll bellyache at Stephen’s Dr. Acula’s ‘Common Vampire Afflictions’ and reconsider your dietary choices after absorbing A Feast Fit For Wolves: A Werewolf’s guide to the Vegan lifestyle.




Stephen says “Working on Wailing Heights was a real challenge and so much fun. I really enjoyed bringing humour to some familiar horror archetypes and tweaking them to make them different and fit in with the world being created.”





Stephen is a fantasy author, published by Orbit books. His first novel, Battlemage, was released in September 2015 and the next two novels in his first trilogy will be released this year. His writing credits include working on Codex of the Realm for Stickmen Media, writing for Tor.com and developing intellectual property into comic book pitches for a media company.

Stephen has written some really funny pieces, that had us laughing out loud. You’ll have to keep your eyes peeled if you want to read them…


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#Adventurecalender Compilation

If you missed our ADVENTure Calender daily updates on Twitter, here’s a collection of December’s daily tweets:


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Maura McHugh Tells a Tale of Lola

Maura Lola


Wailing heights is a popular village, with a host of supernatural settlers waiting to be possessed. To help flesh out our musical monsters, we enlisted the comicbook industries’ top talent to create our cast’s origin tales.

Telling the tale of Lola Vita, our Haemolatte loving, caffeine addicted, hipster vampire, is renowned author Maura McHugh.

Maura has this to say about working with Lola:




“I took my cue from the short description of Lola as a hipster vampire who loves coffee, and ran with it to create a cross-dressing woman who adores lively conversation in 18th century coffee houses in London. All in a few pages.  I’ve had my fill of angsty vampires recently so I went for a light tone and a short, fun read. I’m now terribly fond of Lola Vita.”





Maura’s credits include story & scripts for the Eagle Award and British Fantasy Award short-listed comicbook Jennifer Wilde (Atomic Diner), work on Mike Mignola’s Hellboy Spin-off; Witchfinder: The Mysteries of Unland (Dark Horse), and the author of the Twisted Fairy Tales and Twisted Myths (Barron’s Educational series).


Maura has created a wonderful origin for Lola, adding so much depth to the character that we’re biting at the bit for more! The 3-page tale is currently being drawn up by a soon-to-be revealed comic artist, and will be viewable in-game.




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