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In one weeks time we’re off to Cologne, Germany for Gamescom 2015. 

We’re there at the invitation of Northern Ireland Screen as part of a delegation representing games companies in Northern Ireland.  We’re using the opportunity to showcase our latest game, Wailing Heights.

We have several specific aims and goals for the convention, in particular we would like meet with:

  • Publishers – With production well under way, we are looking to solidify publishing plans, with the aim of bringing the game to as large an audience as possible. Ideally we are looking for an English-language publisher with a solid fan base who is interested in adventure games.
  • Journalists – We’re actively seeking journalist contacts who would be interested in featuring exclusive preview artwork from comic book and game artists involved in Wailing Heights, or who feel the game is a project of interest to their audience.
  • European Partners – This genre of game is very popular across Europe and we are seeking European publishers to collaborate on localisation efforts

We have time set aside on Wednesday and early Thursday for meetings, and aiming to arrange several in advance. If you would like to arrange a chat, please contact Stephen Downey via email or via the form below.

Wailing Heights is a supernatural adventure game set in a town populated by werewolves, vampires, ghosts and other unearthly creatures.  The game has a unique possession mechanic that allows the player to inhabit various characters within the game and make use of their supernatural abilities.  The game is light-hearted and aimed at a late-teen to young adult audience.  One selling feature of the game is that it features contributions from a number of famous figures in the comic book world, including Glenn Fabry (Preacher) and PJ Holden (Judge Dredd).

Outsider Games is a Northern Ireland based games company, formed in 2011 who have worked on high-profile game projects for organisations such as the BBC and Sony/Lionsgate.

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Production Screenshots:

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