Maura McHugh Tells a Tale of Lola

Maura Lola


Wailing heights is a popular village, with a host of supernatural settlers waiting to be possessed. To help flesh out our musical monsters, we enlisted the comicbook industries’ top talent to create our cast’s origin tales.

Telling the tale of Lola Vita, our Haemolatte loving, caffeine addicted, hipster vampire, is renowned author Maura McHugh.

Maura has this to say about working with Lola:




“I took my cue from the short description of Lola as a hipster vampire who loves coffee, and ran with it to create a cross-dressing woman who adores lively conversation in 18th century coffee houses in London. All in a few pages.  I’ve had my fill of angsty vampires recently so I went for a light tone and a short, fun read. I’m now terribly fond of Lola Vita.”





Maura’s credits include story & scripts for the Eagle Award and British Fantasy Award short-listed comicbook Jennifer Wilde (Atomic Diner), work on Mike Mignola’s Hellboy Spin-off; Witchfinder: The Mysteries of Unland (Dark Horse), and the author of the Twisted Fairy Tales and Twisted Myths (Barron’s Educational series).


Maura has created a wonderful origin for Lola, adding so much depth to the character that we’re biting at the bit for more! The 3-page tale is currently being drawn up by a soon-to-be revealed comic artist, and will be viewable in-game.




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