#Adventurecalender Compilation

If you missed our ADVENTure Calender daily updates on Twitter, here’s a collection of December’s daily tweets:


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Artist Tara O’Connor joins Wailing Heights!

We’re very excited to announce that joining us for another musical monster origin is comic writer/artist Tara O’Connor.

Tara is the creator of Roots, (currently nominated Best Biographical Comic of 2015 by Comics Alliance) and the multi-award nominated In Your Wake, which you can read online at http://www.taraocomics.com

We’re reaching spoiler territory with this character origin, so we’ll let this beautiful B&W preview of Tara’s Wailing Height’s artwork speak for itself.




Tara has a few cool projects of her own coming up, and the best way to follow their progress is via Tara’s Twitter.


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Wailing Heights ADVENTure Calender #1 – Ron Salas draws Lola!

December is upon and we’re ticking down… to our end-of-year production deadlines!

To celebrate the season Advent-Calender Style, we’re releasing new, daily previews of Wailing Heights! That’s right, EVERY DAY on our Twitter and Facebook feeds we’re showing a new snippet of art, script, song, and even new creator announcements!

We start off with an awesome piece of news that one of our favourite comic artists Ron Salas, is joining us to draw Maura’s McHugh’s Lola Origin!



As you can see from the preview above, Lola wasn’t always the modern, hipster vampire, with Ron and Maura reaching back to the 18th century to tell the soon-to-be classic story.

For more info on Ron, including a bibliography of his work for Marvel Comics, Dark Horse, DC Comics, and awesome renditions of comic classics such Batman and Superman, visit his website.


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