Fantasy author Steve Aryan fleshes out Wailing Heights

We stopped howling at the moon a long time ago. It’s not only rude and a public nuisance, there’s also a strong link between howling and public indecency, not to mention frostbite.”

As you traverse the streets and rooms of  Wailing Heights, you may find hidden prose publications that share insight into our modern monster world. To help flesh out Wailing Heights’ modern monster lore, we welcome fantasy author Stephen Ayran.

If you can find them hidden in dark corners, you’ll bellyache at Stephen’s Dr. Acula’s ‘Common Vampire Afflictions’ and reconsider your dietary choices after absorbing A Feast Fit For Wolves: A Werewolf’s guide to the Vegan lifestyle.




Stephen says “Working on Wailing Heights was a real challenge and so much fun. I really enjoyed bringing humour to some familiar horror archetypes and tweaking them to make them different and fit in with the world being created.”





Stephen is a fantasy author, published by Orbit books. His first novel, Battlemage, was released in September 2015 and the next two novels in his first trilogy will be released this year. His writing credits include working on Codex of the Realm for Stickmen Media, writing for and developing intellectual property into comic book pitches for a media company.

Stephen has written some really funny pieces, that had us laughing out loud. You’ll have to keep your eyes peeled if you want to read them…


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