Zombie Showcase Part 2 – John McCrea

Comicbook maestro John McCrea (Spider-man, Batman and Hitman) designs our putrid performer Debbie Decay!

John came up with this corrosive concept for Wailing height’s second-best singer, who unfortunately loses top billing to Ada Z in the Wailing Heights’ Soulless Saloon. That’s not to say you won’t hear Debbie’s voice in Wailing Heights…

Here’s a little preview of the design:

Debbie Decay design by John McCrea with added colours from Stephen Downey


And a sneak peek of the workings-out that goes into designing a zombie, with John’s original sketch:



And an exclusive video of the man himself hard at work designing Debbie!


And poor Debbie’s poster as it appears in the Soulless Saloon!




For more work from John, visit his Twitter and website.

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Zombie Showcase Part 1 – Gary Erskine!

Comic artists extraordinaire Gary Erskine (Wolverine, Punisher, ROLLER GRRRLS) adds a bit of zing to our soulful Zombies, with a design for our zombie diva Ada Z. 

As well as providing the concept and design art, the illustration will make their way into the game in poster form, hanging in Wailing Heights’ Soulless Saloon. It may even form a piece of a possession puzzle, but that’s getting into spoiler territory…

Here’s a little preview of the poster artwork!



As an added bonus, here’s a peek behind-the-creative-curtain with a look at Gary’s process sketches, working out Ada Z’s design:



An initial colour test with rough linework:ada_pencils_colour_reference


And here’s how the image will look hanging in the Soulless Saloon!

Ada Z by Gary Erskine 

For more sketches and process work, visit Gary’s Tumblr

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Check back on Wednesday for Zombie Showcase Part 2!

The Aos Sí come to Welcome Heights

We are very happy to announce, that The Aos Sí have added Wailing Heights to their virtual touring schedule!


Aos Si




The Belfast-based band add a touch of ‘rotting green’ to their colourful sound, providing the jazzy, soulful music of Ada Z and the Zom Bs who perform nightly in Wailing Heights’ Soulless Saloon. 

James Downey, singer and songwriter for the band, also produces solo tracks for hipster vampire Fangs Farnsworth, and is providing sound design for the game.






We recently spent a day in the studio with the band, and the interview below provides a little insight into the musicians and their creative process as they perform as musical monsters.



We are Greenlit!

Well, that was fast!

After a shooting up the Greenlight charts and reaching the top 30, Wailing Heights was Greenlit after just 7 days!

Many thanks to everyone who voted, shared and posted articles.

A few of the highlights of the campaign includes featurse on Kotaku, SPO, Siliconera, Gamer Hell, OSV, Golden Cartridge and many more.

With a Steam release confirmed, we’ll have a release date announced very soon!