Wailing Heights launches on Steam and Humble Store



Wailing Heights has launched!

After a good year of development, and lots of late hours, Wailing Heights is live on Steam and the Humble Store.

You can get your hands on the game for $9.99 (£6.99) and we have an additional 10%  launch discount which runs until Tuesday 3rd May.

What are you waiting, go solve some musical puzzles!



Steam Page is live!

Steam header Possible


Steam Page

The Wailing Heights’ Steam Page is here!

Following our successful Greenlight Campaign (thanks again Greenlight Community!) we’ve taken the next step and now have our official Steam Page, complete with screenshots, trailer and a big ‘Coming Soon’ on display.

Feel free to have a browse, and add the game to your Steam wishlist if you are so inclined. We’ll also have some pretty cool things planned for our Community Hub, including a launch competition (details soon!) so make sure to sign up for that.


EGX Rezzed

In other news, we’re announcing our launch date next week at EGX Rezzed. If anyone is attending the event, please come say ‘Hi’. come play the game and have a chat.

We’re always welcoming to reviewers and interviewers, so please email Stephen @ Outsidergames.com if you would like to book some chat time at the show.


If you’re not attending Rezzed, leave a comment on our Community Hub and let us know what you think of our page!