Zombie Showcase Part 1 – Gary Erskine!

Comic artists extraordinaire Gary Erskine (Wolverine, Punisher, ROLLER GRRRLS) adds a bit of zing to our soulful Zombies, with a design for our zombie diva Ada Z. 

As well as providing the concept and design art, the illustration will make their way into the game in poster form, hanging in Wailing Heights’ Soulless Saloon. It may even form a piece of a possession puzzle, but that’s getting into spoiler territory…

Here’s a little preview of the poster artwork!



As an added bonus, here’s a peek behind-the-creative-curtain with a look at Gary’s process sketches, working out Ada Z’s design:



An initial colour test with rough linework:ada_pencils_colour_reference


And here’s how the image will look hanging in the Soulless Saloon!

Ada Z by Gary Erskine 

For more sketches and process work, visit Gary’s Tumblr

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Check back on Wednesday for Zombie Showcase Part 2!

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