Zombie Showcase Part 2 – John McCrea

Comicbook maestro John McCrea (Spider-man, Batman and Hitman) designs our putrid performer Debbie Decay!

John came up with this corrosive concept for Wailing height’s second-best singer, who unfortunately loses top billing to Ada Z in the Wailing Heights’ Soulless Saloon. That’s not to say you won’t hear Debbie’s voice in Wailing Heights…

Here’s a little preview of the design:

Debbie Decay design by John McCrea with added colours from Stephen Downey


And a sneak peek of the workings-out that goes into designing a zombie, with John’s original sketch:



And an exclusive video of the man himself hard at work designing Debbie!


And poor Debbie’s poster as it appears in the Soulless Saloon!




For more work from John, visit his Twitter and website.

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