Cy Dethan Tells a Tall Tail

As we’ve previously mentioned, a few of Wailing Heights‘ local residents get their own comic origins within the game, and we’ve reached out to comic writer Cy Dethan to tell one particular tail tale.

Cy had this to say:




“Wailing Heights was a real joy to write for, not least because I got to work on the backstory to lecherous lycanthrope Abnorm. I’ve met some incredibly passionate creators in comics. The drive and enthusiasm in the people I’ve worked with – from long-term collaborator Stephen Downey to incredibly talented new friend Ruairí Coleman – is endlessly inspiring to me.”





Cy’s has lent his sharp dialogue to established properties such as Starship Troopers, and is co-creator of many original comicbooks, including the indie hit, Cancertown. 

Cy has drafted a terrific tale for our womanising wolf, which is a joy to read. Check back on Thursday, where we’ll have a preview and introduction to the art team.

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The Aos Sí come to Welcome Heights

We are very happy to announce, that The Aos Sí have added Wailing Heights to their virtual touring schedule!


Aos Si




The Belfast-based band add a touch of ‘rotting green’ to their colourful sound, providing the jazzy, soulful music of Ada Z and the Zom Bs who perform nightly in Wailing Heights’ Soulless Saloon. 

James Downey, singer and songwriter for the band, also produces solo tracks for hipster vampire Fangs Farnsworth, and is providing sound design for the game.






We recently spent a day in the studio with the band, and the interview below provides a little insight into the musicians and their creative process as they perform as musical monsters.



#Adventurecalender Compilation

If you missed our ADVENTure Calender daily updates on Twitter, here’s a collection of December’s daily tweets:


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The Possession Wheel UI Design

With Wailing Heights being a body-hopping musical adventure game, the dreaded task of UI design had to look interesting, display the mechanics clearly, and try to fit with the overall aesthetics of the game.

There’s always a lot of team back and forth, and eventual user testing, with user interface, and here are a few sketches we worked through to find something worth taking to the next stage.


We liked the musical notation and clef at the bottom right, but it didn’t leave a large enough space for the inventory icons to be placed (part of the body-hopping mechanic). Incorporating lyrics  is something we’re playing with (ignore the random text examples here), but we need to be careful not to have tiny or hard-to-read text on screen. Sentence structure can also play havoc with placement of text within shapes.

Here’s were we are now, taking the 3rd icon from the middle row in the concept stage.


It’s still all up in the air though, and we’ll be playing about with colour, shapes, and alternatives, so check back to see how the UI aesthetic changes through production.


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