The Aos Sí come to Welcome Heights

We are very happy to announce, that The Aos Sí have added Wailing Heights to their virtual touring schedule!


Aos Si




The Belfast-based band add a touch of ‘rotting green’ to their colourful sound, providing the jazzy, soulful music of Ada Z and the Zom Bs who perform nightly in Wailing Heights’ Soulless Saloon. 

James Downey, singer and songwriter for the band, also produces solo tracks for hipster vampire Fangs Farnsworth, and is providing sound design for the game.






We recently spent a day in the studio with the band, and the interview below provides a little insight into the musicians and their creative process as they perform as musical monsters.



The ZOMBIES are in!


We have four core inhabitants of Wailing Heights: Ghosts, Werewolves, Vampires and Zombies

As with all residential towns, the fraction friction can be high, and Wailing Heights is no exception. After all, why would a werewolf trust a ghost when they can’t smell ’em, when you’re as old as a ghost you have little patience for young hipster vampires, the vamps look down their turned-up noses at filthy wolves, and well.. no one can even understand those zombies.

Just this week we’d added the first Motown Zombie puzzle to the game, and now all four of the core resident creatures are in the game!

It’s all coming together, even as they’re falling apart.